A Saltwater Family Portrait Session on Cape Cod

The email started a little something like, "Hey Nicole!  We're going to Cape Cod in July.  We'd love to have you come join us at the beach for a photo session.  Are you free then?"

July 4 Photo Shoot on the Beach with New York Photographer Nicole Starr Photography, Cape Cod portrait session

Without missing a beat, I was 100% in!  I absolutely love photo sessions on the beach, creating beautiful sandy & salty memories for the most amazing families.  Plus, I was thrilled to see this family again.  We first met last winter for baby Amalia's newborn session, and we've stayed in touch throughout the year planning more opportunities to capture some gorgeous memories for their family.  I was so happy to join them at the beach for a large, extended family session when all of their family would be in the same state, and when I learned the meaning behind this session I loved it even more.  Read on...

Saratoga Springs family photographer
Saratoga Springs family photographer
Saratoga Springs family photographer

Many years ago, when their own children were little and before they were known as "Gigi and Grandpa" and were instead just "Mom and Dad", this grandmother was in her dentist's office when she saw a beautiful family photo taken on the beach.  Her kids grew up going to Corporation Beach in Dennis every summer, driving there in their sandy beach buggy every day to splash in the waves, dig in the sand, and soak up the sun.  Right then she knew that she wanted to do a photo session like that of her own family one day, but the years passed and her children grew, and eventually they had children of their own.  And still, no photo session.

So this summer they decided to make it happen.  Both of their granddaughters would be back in Boston at the same time, and all three of their children would be here.  They decided to bring the whole family to the Cape for a fun vacation and a gorgeous session together, and this grandmother FINALLY got her portrait session on the beach that she had first dreamt of twenty years ago.

I'm heading back to the Cape next week for a few more family sessions.  Will you be joining me on the beach?  I can't wait!!