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One of my favorite things about this business is being able to meet so many other baby photographers & small business owners who are big dreamers just like me.  You are hustling every single day to make it happen and bring those dreams to life, choosing to live a life you love that is filled with creativity & joy (and cuddly babies, of course!).

This community has taught me so much and inspired me endlessly, and I love giving back and collaborating with like-minded business owners! Go check out the Nicole Starr Photography Education Shop for resources that will help you elevate your baby photography business. There you’ll also find our mentoring opportunities. With online and in-person options, plus plenty of ongoing support, there is something for everyone!

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Cake Smash Inspiration for Baby Photographers is a Facebook group that was started in January of 2017 to provide a supportive community for baby photographers to ask questions and share ideas for their birthday sessions.

This group has grown tremendously since then!

Check out why its members are constantly saying that it is their favorite online group, and why we get more than 100 new member requests each day.


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