Shutters & Steering Wheels

Given that a car crash was part of the reason that finally prompted the purchase of my fancy DSLR camera 1 1/2 years ago (more on that later!), there must be a few good reasons about why it's not such a good idea to wield said bulky camera behind the steering wheel.... whatever those reasons are, I certainly didn't find them today!  Behold, the car pictures....

I spent the weekend down the Cape, and while driving back I got stuck in traffic on a two lane road.  With a glimpse of a field of purple flowers to my left, I slammed the brakes, turned around, and got out with my flashers blinking to photograph it.  I thought it might have been the Cape Cod Lavender Farm, which I just found out about and am dying to go to and photograph.... instead, it was the front lawn of a private property.  Still gorgeous:

And a close-up:

Well, those couple of pictures led to the end of the end for me.... after all, what's a girl supposed to do while stuck in traffic at sunset?

Above: I got a bokeh in my shot! If you don't know what a bokeh is, click the link.  Bokeh is my latest photography obsession.

(Oh, but of course I managed to catch a sunburst while balancing my camera on the steering wheel in traffic!)

Seriously, there must be a number of logistical reasons of why this is dangerous.  And after this blog post, there may even be a new law going into action about hands-free cameras. Case-in-point, the bridge that I definitely shot a little off center/out of range with my aim:

Despite steering wheel mishaps, that camera will still be in the front seat with me.  So in the meantime, keep those beautiful Cape Cod sunsets coming, and I will find ways to capture them (even if I am stuck in a car in end-of-weekend traffic!)