Shutter Session: Holden

Last weekend I got to spend an afternoon with little Holden at Capron Park in Attleboro.  He was such a calm, content little boy who was just starting to maneuver his first steps, skipping completely over the crawling stage!  This independent little boy didn't want to sit for a second, just stand... so stand he did! His photos turned out angelic with those dreamy blue eyes of his.  I love how I caught the perfect sunbeam in a few of them.... as you'll start to see on this blog, I kind of have a thing for capturing sunbursts and sunbeams in my photography!  I'm always searching for ways to get those sunbeams to appear in my photos.

I discovered one of the most amazing prop finds ever as I was driving to the location.  There was this beautiful, stark white wrought iron "H" at the entrance of the park.  Perfect for Holden!  We did a series of shots with this spunky 8-month old at the H.  Here are a few...


And finally,one of my favorites showcasing those stunning eyes.  Love the catchlights in this photo!Image

Plus, who doesn't love a toothy grin?


It was a fantastic session with a smiley little boy.  He loved the "click" of the shutter and would gaze intently into the lens every time he heard the click.  Such a cutie!