Saratoga Springs Boston baby photographer

We are currently searching for a few incredible SpokesMama representatives in the Saratoga Springs & Albany areas to spread the word about their portrait experience, and earn complimentary photo sessions and products!  Please read on to see if you might be the perfect fit for this unique opportunity as a brand representative.

What is a SpokesMama?

A SpokesMama is a local mom who loves our fresh & whimsical style of portraits.  She is stylish, friendly, and frequently talks with other moms at playgroups, daycare, work, and online.  She is actively involved on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online parenting groups & forums, and maybe even her own blog) and she feels comfortable expressing her opinion there and promoting a service that she truly loves and believes in.  

A SpokesMama knows that this stage of childhood is magical and fleeting, and she is passionate about capturing the wonder and preserving these moments through photographs.  She values stunning artwork in her home and heirloom products that she can hold in her hands and pass down to her children one day.  She loves Nicole Starr Photography and she is excited to talk about her portrait experience with everyone she knows.

What does a SpokesMama do?

It’s really quite simple!  An SpokesMama’s job is to spread the word about Nicole Starr Photography by telling all of her friends and family about her wonderful portrait experience.  She will share the images on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in person with her custom mobile app.  A SpokesMama will refer our services to other local moms in person and online through parenting forums, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email.  She’ll also distribute her custom SpokesMama rep cards and gift certificates to friends and family to encourage them to book a session with us.  She agrees to have her children photographed exclusively by Nicole Starr Photography for the duration of her contract (6 months or Baby’s First Year).

What does a SpokesMama get in return?

Here at Nicole Starr Photography, we take very good care of our SpokesMamas!  All of our SpokesMamas will receive a Petite SpokesMama session to get started.  During your 45 minute session we will create gorgeous images of you and your baby to capture the special bond that you share.  You’ll receive 15-20 web-sized, watermarked images to share online with friends and family, as well as a custom mobile app to keep your favorite photos right at your fingertips.  When your first referral books their session with NSP,  you’ll receive a mini album showcasing the images from your session.  You’ll also earn product credit or gift cards to your favorite stores when you refer our services to your friends.  More referrals mean you can earn unlimited Petite Sessions at our studio for your little one!  Plus, SpokesMamas enjoy special discounts and early access to our events and sessions, too!

Additional Details

All of our SpokesMamas are welcomed into the NSP Family with a Petite Session here in our studio ($195 investment).  This session includes web sized watermarked images, a mobile app, and two gift prints.  You’ll earn $50 product credit (or a $10 gift card to Starbucks or Target) when someone you refer books a session with us.  

For every five referrals that book with us, you’ll receive a complimentary Petite Session and you’ll enjoy free web-sized images to share online and on your custom mobile app.  We’ll also give you a 25% discount on your print order, in addition to your $250 product credit from your referrals.

Are you ready to be a SpokesMama?