What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session this Spring

Do you have a portrait session coming up this spring or summer, and you're wondering what to wear?  OR, have you been putting off a portrait session because you're worried you'll never find matching outfits for everybody?  

Stop worrying, and let me help you!

Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy outfits -- come on, you know what I'm talking about!  White button down shirts and blue jeans on every member of the family, or black tops and khaki pants on every single person.  That style is incredibly dated, and it's no fun at all!  That's not how you normally dress in real life, so why should that be how you dress in your portraits?

When we plan a custom portrait session together, I want to create images for you that reflect who you truly are.  I want to show your personality, your unique style, and to give you artwork that will complement your home decor so that you can proudly hang your favorite memories over the sofa or in your hallway.  I want your portraits will blend in seamlessly and complement your space & your decor.  

This post is filled with ideas on what to wear, and you can find many more looks including easy ways to shop what you see in the images over on our Pinterest board.     Looking for even more ideas, along with some photo inspiration?  Check out this blog post from 2015 to see perfectly styled sessions with some of my favorite clients!

Choose 2-3 colors, including a neutral color, and use a little bit of it in everybody's outfit!  Here we're selecting from shades of blue and gray to coordinate everyone's clothing.

what to wear in family portraits, shades of blue outfits

Keep your fabrics similar!  If mom is wearing a linen sundress, then you don't want dad to be in a sweater and heavy jeans!  Actually, have you noticed that none of these inspiration boards include jeans?  Fitted dress pants look great on dads, and they definitely give your portraits a much dressier, classier look!  Try shaking things up with a look that's a little bit different from your everyday jeans, and you might just love it!  Layers also look amazing in portraits -- a vest on your son will be so adorable over a button down or a T-shirt!

wardrobe ideas for spring family portraits

While I don't recommend everyone wearing solid white, it's a nice addition to any wardrobe compilation!  Here the texture on the dress keeps it interesting, as does the pattern on the little sister's leggings.  Play with patterns and texture to give your wardrobe more personality -- the more you have, the more you will love your images!

what to wear in family portrait session, saratoga springs family photographer

Think of the location we're going to be shooting in, and also think of your complexion & hair color.  Choose a color palette that flatters you and that you feel comfortable and confident in.  Blush and cream doesn't suit everyone, and some women look stunning in vibrant jewel tone colors!  Go with what works for you, and let me know how I can help you pull all of the outfits together!

outfit ideas for spring family portraits, saratoga springs family photographer

Be daring!  Have a little fun with patterns.  Spring is the perfect time to incorporate floral patterns into your outfits for a family portrait session, and there's nothing I love more than seeing a mom completely rocking it in her floral print dress.  If you love it, wear it!  Then choose a few colors from that design and base the other family members' outfits on those colors to coordinate.  Below, we chose the coral, gray, and white from the dress to use in everyone else's outfits.

wardrobe ideas for mom, dad, and kids in family portrait session, saratoga springs family photographer

Last but not least, if we're going to be shooting outside anywhere other than the beach, don't forget the shoes!  Your perfectly styled outfit will look just a little bit "off" when your son's everyday-wear fluorescent green light-up sneakers are paired with his gray & blue vested outfit.  Simple, neutral shoes are best to protect your feet during the session, but be sure everyone tries their shoes on and wears them around for at least 1-2 hours before the day of your session to ensure that they fit comfortably.

After all of that beautiful inspiration, are you ready to book your family portrait session?  We're now booking for the spring and summer, and I would love to capture some gorgeous memories for your family -- perfectly styled, of course!