Emilee: Class of 2013

Talk about a photographer's dream!  When Emilee came to me for her senior portraits, she had a beautiful location in mind: Luciano's Lake Pearl in Wrentham.  The original day that we were scheduled to have our session, we awoke to a rainy morning and I crossed my fingers and hoped that the torrential downpours would stop by evening.  After frantically checking the weather reports every free chance I got, a few emails and hours later I realized that that was just silly as the storm relentlessly pounded the area, making for yet another rained out shoot.  (That's the chance you have to take as a natural light photographer!)  We rescheduled for a week later, and boy am I glad we did!  The conditions were perfect!  Between the combination of the perfect rays of golden hour light slanting through the trees, a gorgeous setting, and a beautiful senior who was open to all of my crazy ideas... the shoot was a dream!

These gazebo photos below showcase Emilee's true talent of keeping a poker face despite her photographer rearranging the wedding furniture that was left outside and climbing atop a rickety table to get the perfect angle for the shot in the middle!

Emilee is a vibrant senior girl with big dreams for next year.  I was thrilled to be able to capture this in her photos.  A few of my faves...


And these whitewashed arches that I found on the beach... ooooh, but I fell in love with these arches!  Absolutely gorgeous, and only made more so with Emilee posing in the arches!

One of the best parts of the shoot?  When I spotted the pier in the above photo, I looked at Emilee to see if she'd be okay with hopping the fence and climbing out into the water.  She was all up for our little conspiracy, and we then were able to get some great shots at sunset!

And to finish this post off... what would a session of mine be without catching some brilliant sunflares?

Congratulations, Emilee, and the Class of 2013!

Location: Luciano's Lake Pearl, Wrentham

Makeup Artist: the very talented Joana Castano