A Family Session & a Cake Smash in Downtown Boston

Even though we've moved to Saratoga Springs, I find myself going back to Boston more than just a little bit to visit with clients and capture some beautiful memories for them.  Boston has always had my heart, and I can't even begin to count how many hours I have spent wandering the streets of that city with my camera in hand.  It is such a BEAUTIFUL city that I truly can never get enough of.  Because of that, I still love every chance I get to head downtown for a portrait session, and this one was no exception!  

This family session in Downtown Boston was one of my favorite sessions lately.  We stepped out the family's front door and we were in the heart of Newbury Street, and only one block away from the tree-lined Parkway on Commonwealth Avenue.  This was the perfect backdrop for their family photos, capturing the hustle & bustle as well as the beauty of their neighborhood, and I love the images that we were able to capture together.  These ones here in the park are some of my favorites, especially with their little dog, Bojangles!

boston family photo session

After their sun-dappled family photos outside, we went indoors for Brodie's cake smash to celebrate his first birthday.  His parents wanted to tie in their love for Boston with Brodie's dad's Scottish background, so we found the perfect balance of the two: a Make Way for Ducklings cake smash with a plaid Scottish kilt, and a cake from Jennifer Lee's Bakery on Hanover Street in Boston.  

Brodie wasn't quite sure what to think of his cake, which happens sometimes during our cake smashes!  Some babies dig right in, loving the mess and the sweetness, while others are a bit more hesitant and would rather keep their fingers clean.  ;o)  Brodie was a little trooper, and he kept going back for another taste time and time again.  Now that he's had his first few bites of cake, I bet he will love his cake at his party now after sampling frosting for the first time during his smash!! 


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