A Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session: Camilla Appel

Sometimes families like to enjoy a few quiet moments alone as they welcome their baby to the world.  We close the door for a little while.  The new parents cuddle up with that sweet little baby, and it's just the three of them in their own little blissful world. 

fresh 48 session with saratoga springs newborn photographer

Other times, families like to invite their loved ones in to the hospital to meet their newborn baby during their Fresh 48 photo session.  Grandma and Grandpa come in bearing gifts, more grandparents fly in from out of state and come from the airport straight to the hospital, and the new mom's sister is a proud new aunt, beaming at the sight of her first niece.  Hugs are shared, happy tears are shed, and the baby is passed around while whispers of "Ohhhh, she's perfect!" float through the hospital room.

saratoga springs newborn photographer
hospital newborn photographer
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Less than 24 hours old, Camilla was passed from one pair of loving arms to another, soaking up the smiles and adoration as two families came together to meet their granddaughter and niece.  

This one right here?  It's one of my favorite photos from Camilla's session.  Three generations of incredible women, a beautiful moment contained in a small rectangle of space.  The way that the mother (a brand new grandmother!) is looking right at the camera with her girls all around her is so beautiful.  She did that.  Because of her, they are all in this world to light up HER world.  It's a true example of surrounding yourself with the people that you love.  THESE are the stories that photographers love to tell through their cameras!

three generations newborn portrait
newborn photo with hands and three generations

Fresh 48s have become my absolute favorite type of session this year, and it's easy to see why.  Going through the images from Amelia & Michael's hospital newborn session truly transports you to that June day in their hospital room, making you feel like you were right there celebrating with them as they welcomed their daughter to the world.  There is so much emotion woven into such a beautiful story, and capturing these moments during such an intimate time in a family's life is always an honor.

Happy Birth Day, baby girl!  You are already so, so loved.  

Have you been dreaming of your little one's arrival?  A hospital newborn session is the perfect way to document their arrival and celebrate the newest addition to your family.  Contact me and let's chat about how this type of relaxed, lifestyle newborn session may be a good fit for your family!

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A special thank you to Jamie of Koss Photography for her assistance with this session.