An 8 Month Milestone Session with Max: Capital Region New York Baby Photographer

When every single image is this amazing, how is a photographer supposed to choose a favorite?  Seriously, now.  This is a problem that I have when sessions are as incredible as this one!

I love everything about this photo of Max.  The tiny bit of drool coming off of his lip.  His sparkling eyes and that little eyebrow that arches up.  The dimples on his fingers and the rolls on his arms.  The cautious and eager way he's balancing in our driftwood basket.  This little boy was an absolute cutie when he came to the studio for his milestone session to show off his 8 month skills.

nicole starr photography albany baby  photographer photo-8.jpg

Milestone sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph right here in our studio.  I especially love it when sitters (babies 6 months to 10 months) come in to show off their sitting skills, their new teeth, those chubby legs, and their bubbly laughter.  Why sitters?  Because they don't crawl away or run away!  After all, you can't capture a moment like this when the baby is crawling off to explore what's on the other side of the room.  ;o)

I also love this age because naked baby pics are just the cutest!  We do bare skin photos up to age 12 months, and it is so cute & innocent to see these babies in their birthday suits.  Pure.  Clean.  Simple.  

nicole starr photography albany baby  photographer photo-3.jpg

I visited Baby Max two times after our session, and both times he was just as smiley!  He truly is the happiest baby, and I loved watching his face light up over the simplest pleasures like seeing a new person in his living room.  And THIS is why I love our milestone sessions.  Cuddling with cute babies is my favorite thing in the world, topped only by being able to capture these moments for their families so that they'll have them forever.  

...Because they are only this little for a short time.  Capture it.  Celebrate it.  Soak up every moment of love.