Addison Elizabeth: A Fresh 48 Session, Saratoga Albany Photographer

Addison Elizabeth
January 7, 2016

Addison's Fresh 48 session was my very first Fresh 48, and it started me on this journey of falling completely in love with hospital newborn sessions.  There is such a beautiful story that unfolds in the walls of your hospital room as you meet your baby for the first time.  The two days you'll spend in the hospital pass by in a blur of your door opening and closing, but in between the interruptions are so many magical moments as you trace the curves of your baby's cheek, learn the feel of their fingers around your own, and look at your partner in a whole new light as they become a parent for the first time right alongside you.

saratoga albany newborn photographer fresh 48 hospital session welcome baby girl
saratoga albany newborn baby photographer fresh 48 hospital session new mom and dad

When Jamie & Chris contacted me about a Fresh 48 session for their daughter's arrival, I was so excited for them and also honored to be invited to peek into their lives as they welcomed their baby to their family.  Jamie is another local photographer, so being asked to capture these moments as their story unfolds for someone who truly understands the value and power of these images was such a blessing.  Jamie knew that these days would fly by and that she'd be lucky if she remembered the moments that occurred when her daughter first arrived.  She knew that she wanted to stop time, to slow it all down and savor her daughter's arrival.  She and Chris wanted to celebrate the moment their family went from 2 to 3, and to treasure this moment forever through keepsake images.  So we did just that, and we had such a wonderful time together in Room 556.

saratoga albany birth newborn photographer
Saratoga albany newborn photographer fresh 48 dad and baby
Saratoga albany newborn baby photographer fresh 48 hospital session

These sessions are all about the firsts.  The first cuddles, the first feeding, the first diaper change, the first time you notice your baby's sleepy-eyed smile.  One of the things I loved about this session was about how the proud new daddy could not take his eyes off of his baby girl, and his wife could not take her eyes off of her husband.  So much love.

saratoga albany newborn hospital photographer
saratoga albany maternity photographer
saratoga springs newborn photographer fresh 48 hospital session

There is something so magical and pure about a brand new baby.  Addison was a tiny little peanut, barely filling out her onesie and looking even smaller in her hospital blanket swaddle.  Plus, the sweet newborn smell is real, and it is addicting!  I love all of these unposed images of the brand new baby.

Welcome, sweet baby girl.
And a special thank you to Jamie & Chris for inviting me to tell their story.
Enjoy this wonderful adventure that you've begun together!