Through a Photographer's Eyes

In the photography community, we like to play a little game called, "What you see/What I see."  It's simple, really.  It's all about finding beauty & calm amidst the chaos.  It's all about making magic.

We'll take one scene and show it from two perspectives -- first, a quick snapshot on our iPhone to show how it might appear to the naked eye, or to a person who is not a trained photographer.  

what you see client's bedroom for family photo session

Then, our job is to look for beauty and light where you might least expect it.  Gorgeous fields of flowers in a little patch of dirt on the side of the highway.  A perfect golden sunset over an empty gravel parking lot.  A beautiful woodsy scene on a dead end street. 

You never know where you are going to find your most beautiful light during your session, and sometimes our clients look at us like we're a little nuts when they see our locations.  But after seeing the final images?  Then they understand what we were doing!

So, when families talk with me about wanting to do a lifestyle newborn session at home, the first thing I always ask them is, "DO YOU HAVE A ROOM WITH BIG WINDOWS AND GREAT NATURAL LIGHT?"

I don't ask what the wall colors are, I don't ask how big the rooms are, I don't ask where the laundry piles are hidden.  Trust me -- I know there's laundry, I know there's clutter, and I expect it to be there because this is life.  

But also, trust me -- I know how to shoot around that to give you the most beautiful, timeless, and peaceful photos that you are going to adore for many, many years.  

By looking at these images, you would never know that we shot the entire session on the bed with a Pack & Play wedged between the wall on one side of the bed, and an off-camera flash and PLM umbrella on the other side of the bed.  I stepped over a portable changing pad to move from one side of the mattress to the other, and the laundry and toys were tucked away behind me.  And that's totally fine.

Because that's real life.  That's what your house looks like when you have a newborn and a preschooler at home.  That's what your house looks like after you've been up all night with two restless little ones.  That's what your house looks like the morning your photographer rings your doorbell.  And that is perfectly okay.  :o)

So, if you're worried that your house isn't right for a photo session, or you don't have enough space, or you'll never be able to get an area tidy enough... don't worry!  Every single mom & dad worries those same things, and as you can see from this session, all you really need to do is clear off the space on your bed and let us work our magic with the camera.  

Your space is all about YOU and your family, and it is the ideal location for your session.  So let's create some magical memories right there in your home so that you can show your children those photos one day and tell them the story of the day they jumped on mommy & daddy's bed, and the day your oldest sang "Happy Birthday" to his little brother when he came home from the hospital.  Your home is a part of your story.  Let's tell your story together.

That's not so overwhelming now, is it?  :o)  Use the contact tab above and let's plan your lifestyle session at home today!

P.S.  Did you notice one sneaky little change?  I edited the wall color from green to gray in post-processing to give a softer feel to the images and to really showcase this beautiful family & their love.  I feel that their connection really shines with this simple little edit, plus, it gives them timeless images that will match any decor in their home for many, many years.  Pretty cool, huh?