A Playful Family Photo Session at the Beach | Cape Cod Family Photographer

Beach sessions are my favorite, but the summer beach season is always too fleeting here in New England!  That's why I'm always so thrilled when families ask me to join them for a family photo session on Cape Cod during their summer vacation.  Don't get me wrong -- I still love going to the beach all the other months of the year, but there's something so classically summertime about a sunny day on Cape Cod with sand between my toes, bare shoulders, and a beautiful sunset with the song from an ice cream truck dancing through the air.

Family photographer at Corporation Beach in Dennis, Cape Cod

I met Tess and her family at Corporation Beach in Dennis, and we had such a great time exploring the sand dunes and checking out the sea creatures in the little pools of water that the low tide had left behind.  Her boys are full of energy, so of course we were up and down the beach running all over the place during our sunset session.

Newborn photographers joke that newborn sessions are their cardio (except that it's not a joke and it's true that a three-hour session in an 80 degree room is a very good workout!).  Well, beach sessions with an hour spent running through the sand in the summertime are a family photographer's cardio.  ;o)  

I loved exploring the beach with this family to keep up with their two sons, and we had a blast on the lifeguard chair.  Their mom later told me that they're normally not allowed to go up on the lifeguard chair, so they were beyond thrilled to climb on up during our photo shoot to play!  Just look at those smiles!

Thank you for such a wonderful session together, M. family!  

I hope you'll enjoy these classic summertime memories for many, many years!