Celebrating Motherhood Photo Event at Little Lovage Club

I love this job.  I love capturing the most amazing moments that families will cherish forever, stopping time while their children are still little and we create such beautiful memories together.  However, one thing I have noticed as a newborn and baby photographer is how infrequently moms are in front of the camera with their children.  They are always behind the camera, taking the photos of their babies, and rarely do they get the chance to feel gorgeous and amazing while jumping in the frame with their little ones.

Our Celebrating Motherhood Event aims to change that.

boston baby photographer mom and twins with floral crowns

Last month, we had 21 moms join us at Little Lovage Club for a day of pampering and photos, treating the moms to hair & makeup, childcare, and a gorgeous photo shoot with their little ones.  This was our second motherhood event at Little Lovage Club, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Just look at all of these gorgeous mamas, absolutely radiant as they get to cuddle up with their little ones.  I love that we captured these sweet moments of them together. These are the photos that they are going to pull out in 20 years and give to their grown children to display in their own homes.   These will be framed and displayed on walls, shelves, and tabletops for generations, showcasing their beautiful love.  

New moms, expecting moms, moms of 4, tired moms, happy moms...  Everyone came together intent on having a relaxing, magical day with their babies.  These moms know that their kids will only be little for a little while, and they truly wanted to capture that on camera with THEMSELVES in the frame, too!  This was definitely an event that I loved, and I can't wait to organize more Celebrating Motherhood events soon.  New York mamas are already asking me about when we'll do one here in the Capital Region -- soon!  Very soon!

A few of my favorites were the three generation shoots, bringing in grandma for some playful photos with her daughter and grandchildren.  

We were so fortunate to collaborate with an amazing team who made the day run smoothly, kept the moms feeling beautiful & relaxed, and helped the children stay happy & upbeat.  A huge thank you to our incredible support team -- we could not have done it without you!

Hair Styling - Tiffany Cantin, HMUA from Six Bay Road Salon

Makeup - Sarah Adams for Follain

Childcare - Sensible Sitters

Our Amazing Hosting Venue - Little Lovage Club