Sweet Dreams: A Peaceful Newborn Session with Baby Joey (Saratoga Springs Newborn Baby Photographer)

There is something so magical about a brand new baby that is heavy with sleep and curled up in your arms.  Their tiny fingers wrap around your own, their lashes flutter over their eyes, and the soft sighs that they give as they drift in and out of sleep are just so peaceful.  

Our newborn sessions are always relaxed and calm to focus on the baby's needs, and this dreamy session with Joey's family was no exception.  We kept the colors nice & simple with just a few neutral wraps and minimal props, keeping the focus exactly where it should be: on that beautiful, brand new baby boy.

I always encourage parents to step in front of the camera for a few photos of their new family all together.  Twenty years from now, you will treasure these images as you look back on your first days as a new mom, reliving the moments your husband held your baby in his arms.  And just look at the love shining on their faces in these photos!  These are the moments that I love capturing.  

Baby Joey was an absolute dream to photograph.  Once he fell asleep, he was as happy as can be and moved easily from one pose to the next.  A few of my favorite images, though, are the unposed ones.  The ones where he tosses his arms overhead, stretches out, and relaxes into a deep, deep sleep.