Baby Starr | Grayson's First Month

Sweet little Grayson is one month old!

How did that happen so quickly?!?!  If you missed his newborn portraits, check them out here.  And you can enjoy a peek into his nursery here on the blog, too!

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This adorable little guy has truly brought so much joy to our lives over the past month, and I can't even begin to imagine how amazing the next year (and all of those after that!) are going to be.  Jeff and I keep saying over and over again how lucky we are to have such a perfect, happy, healthy, and mellow little baby. 

He  truly has a very chill personality, and we adore his alert time because it really showcases his relaxed mood.  It happens 2-3 times a day right now, and he spends it looking around, taking everything in with those great big eyes of his.  He's very quiet when he's studying everything around him, and he lights up with the sweetest smiles and these really cute "o" faces when he purses his lips.  

Of course, like all babies, Grayson can get a little fussy at times.  We've discovered that he calms right down with music, and we're always saying, "Alexa, play Top Pop radio."  (Which, by the way, we bought an Alexa right before he was born and it's been so amazing to have something hands-free when our hands are filled with a baby!)  Ten seconds in to a song with a good beat, he is as happy as can be!  I'm attributing that to the countless hours I spent in the car with the radio on driving back and forth between Boston & Saratoga during the pregnancy -- we have a music lover on our hands!

These photos below were taken at 10 days old, and Grayson looked so tiny in his "coming home outfit" on our bed.  It's hard to believe that just a few weeks later, he's now outgrown that adorable sweater and I'll be packing it up in a box along with his hospital bracelet and footprints!  

This month was filled with firsts for Grayson! 

His first photoshoot was a Fresh 48 session in the hospital with Lauren Kirkham Photography.  He rocked it, and we've already shown his album off to all of our family members and found a special place for it on the shelf with our other albums.  I can't stop looking at it though!

With the weather warming up, he enjoyed his first visit to an ice cream shop.  We took him to Martha's Dandee Creme in Queensbury, our favorite! 

He finally discovered that he LOVES bathtime.  We put on some lullabies and he just zones out while laying in the water.

His first trip to Target was for more diapers.  Of course. 

He slept through his first walk through Spa State Park with a new baby friend. 

To celebrate Daddy going back to work at the end of the month, G-man slept 6 hours at night for the very first time!  We're hoping that continues and becomes a nightly tradition... eventually!

And he spent lots of time with the grandparents, and his aunt and little cousin who also came over to visit! 

Because our phones are now filled with baby photos, and because the very best camera you can have is whichever one is in your hand right this moment, here are a few favorite cell phone shots from Grayson's first month!  We're pretty much obsessed with his smiles, his cuddles, and all of his funny little expressions that melt our hearts when he's awake!

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