Bar Mitzvah Sneak Peeks

Where have I been all month?  

My website has been a little quiet lately, but my Facebook page has been the one with all the action!  (HAVE YOU "LIKED" THE PAGE YET?  DO SO TODAY!!)    Tons of sneak peeks have made their way up onto my wall for all sorts of galleries and events.  One night last week, I was literally working on three galleries at once.  I've been so busy scheduling shoots, writing contracts, taking photographs, downloading and uploading files, retouching the photos, and making the galleries that there just hasn't been enough time to update my website.... And here you thought that all photographers did was take pictures and click the shutter on their cameras!

Most of my time last month went to editing 6 hours worth of shooting from a bar mitzvah.  Let me tell you -- 6 hours leads to a whole lot of photos!  So while the full post from the bar mitzvah will be coming soon, for now you get my little version of a sneak peek.  Consider this the "extended family and friends" post.


Seth (the man of the hour!) with his Great Grandmother.

goldfarb (7 of 10)

Love the soft light in this family photo!

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While taking these photos of the little girls below, their mamas told me that they had wanted a picture of their daughters together for years and years.  So glad I was able to capture this one, and the one of the girls with their mothers!

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These two siblings below cracked me up!  The sister was all about the pictures, while her big brother put on his best "I'm so embarrassed!" face in the second photo.

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And here, how adorable is this brother and sister duo?

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I love this shot of these two brothers.  The littlest one had so much excitement going on around him that photos were not high on his priority list.  But this shot?  Aaaaaahhhhh!!!  Pure magic!  Love everything about it!

goldfarb (2 of 10)

Why did I choose these photos?  Well, I'm a storyteller after all and these ones weave together so nicely to tell a small part of the story of that day, with all the friends and family that gathered together to celebrate with Seth's family.  Why else did I choose these photos?  The beautiful light and the brilliant and sometimes whimsical colors say it all!    :o)


That's it for today's sneak peek!  Remember to check back soon for the rest of the photos from Seth's bar mitzvah.  And be sure to "like" the Nicole Schwalm Photography Facebook Page to continue seeing those sneak peeks before I get them up on my website.