Sweet Sophia {4 months}

Earlier this month I got to meet the absolutely darling 4-month old Sophia.  Her mom had contacted me to schedule a session after being referred to {Nicole Schwalm Photography} by a friend (check out baby Stephen's photos, here!).  That referral actually happened in the middle of baby Stephen's shoot and put such a smile on my face.  Word-of-mouth referrals are the best and are my favorite way to get in touch with new clients since you have an instant connection based on the referral.  Plus, the new clients already know exactly what they are looking for in their family's photographs since they saw their friend's session and could already picture how their own family's portraits would turn out, inspiring them to schedule their own session! I walked into Veronika, Alec, and Sophia's sunny home and met their loving and happy family.

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Veronika already knew that she loved my B&W baby portraits, so we were sure to capture those classic and simple moments that always translate so well to B&W.  I adore the love that fills these photos, the soft back lighting that lends an airy touch to them, and the precious candid moments that I was able to capture between little Sophia and her parents.  Plus the light coming through those doors resulted in my two favorite characteristics in a photograph: beautiful bokeh AND catchlights... oh, be still my photographer's heart!  ;o)

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Ooooh, and did we ever have fun playing dress-up with Sophia and these gorgeous little handmade hats that had been given to her!  I love the sherbet-colored bonnet and how it just pops against the white background.  It's reminiscent of Genevieve's Christmas session, but a touch more spring-like with the colors.


Sophia spent most of our session clasping her little hands together and bringing them up to her lips, a move her mother explained that she perfected in utero and that they saw time and time again in her ultrasounds.  So cute to now be able to see that in person and on film!

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And I loved the B&W image and the color one so much that you get to enjoy both of them full-size right here, too!  Look at the way those beautiful eyes of hers sparkle and are full of so much depth!  THOSE are the perfect catchlights in her eyes.

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Next came the adorable little pea pod hat and some tummy time.  Sophia was such a little model and was in such a pleasant mood, not fussing one little bit during her tummy time photos!  She was in love with the soft, furry background and just burrowed herself in it, smoothing it along her cheeks to feel how soft it was.  So cute!


And finally, another favorite from her tummy time.  This one is much more dramatic with the light and shadows!


I'll end with this gorgeous soft-lit frame of Sophia chilling in her dad's arms.  Her blue eyes really pop against his shirt!  Since she was so much older than the newborns I've been photographing lately, she really kept her focus on the camera the entire time and stares right into the depths of the lens in many of her photos.  Love the effect that has! sophia (37 of 38)

Thanks for a wonderful session, Veronika and Alec!  It was a joy photographing your family.

Remember, everyone... word of mouth referrals!!!  :o)