Stephen {Newborn Portraits}

Stephen made his grand entrance into the world on December 4, 2012.  To his parents Nichole and Stephen, little baby Stephen is their "tornado", and it was quite appropriate that the Little Big Town song came on during our session.  He has turned their world upside down in the two months since his arrival, and it was so clear that they are head over heels in love with their firstborn. At only 6 weeks old, I got the chance to photograph this newborn on a sunny winter day to ring in the new year (actually, "oldborn" is the term that photographers use for the littlest of the little ones older than 2 weeks).  I was thrilled to be able to capture his precious and fleeting newness on camera.  Stephen was very alert and pleasant throughout the session, which is rare for a newborn!  It was almost as if he was telling us, "So you made me get naked?  And you're putting hats on me?  And you're posing me in baskets and moving me around the house?  So what?  I can take it!"  Absolutely adorable, and his photos came out just precious.

And now, with no further introduction, the little baby boy with the sparkling blue eyes...



stephen (28 of 32)



stephen basket (1 of 1)-3


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There's just something about newborns in black & white that is so classic...

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(I couldn't decide which of the above edits I liked more, black or grey... what do you think?)

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And the adorable, happy family.  Baby makes three.  I love the shots of the new mom and dad with their little guy.  You can just see the love pouring out of the photographs.  The candids are the best and their bond really shines through -- and being able to capture THAT is the reason I love this job!  :o)



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And finally, some soft toned photos to showcase those gorgeous sparklers of baby Stephen's!  Such a wonderfully fun session -- I can't wait to photograph this little guy in the future.  His mom and I were already talking about a one-year old cake smash!

stephen (19 of 32)



And now that I'm in head-over-heels in newborn mode, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby C, the next little girl I'm due to photograph.  Everyone seems to be eagerly waiting for news of her grand entrance into the world.  Hurry up and get here already!  ;o)