Jenna & Annabelle

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Jenna and Annabelle are two of the cutest little brown-haired sisters that I had the joy of photographing this holiday season.  My photography calendar for the holiday season filled up quickly, and I was thrilled to be able to fit a session in with this family.  Jenna was a former student of mine, and the week leading up to our session she came by my classroom every day to say hello and ask about that weekend's photos.  So adorable!  Both sisters were such little hams for the camera and were an absolute blast to photograph.

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A few favorites... I loved the B&Ws from this session!

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And, since I teach kids to read and write every day, I thought this one of little Annabelle learning to write her name was too adorable to pass up.  Such a proud preschooler writing her name out in chalk!

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(On a sidenote: this chalkboard is one of my newest props.  I love that you can use chalkboard paint and literally turn ANYTHING into a beautiful writing surface!)