Jack, Adam & Evan {3 Merry Brothers}

Talk about a kick-start to your Sunday morning!  A few weeks ago I knocked on the front door and had it open to these three merry little boys inside. kornbau (4 of 27)

It was a whirlwind of activity and we went from one thing to another -- homework, toys, drum sets, trophies, snow boots, beyblades, M&Ms...  There was so much LIFE in that home on a sleepy Sunday morning and it was a great way to start the day.  The boys were so much fun and clearly very comfortable in front of the lens of my camera.

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I loved catching them in between... in between all of that activity, in between the moments when they were looking right at the camera, in between the "cheese" smiles.  I loved capturing the giggles, the hugs, the silly and confused and amazed expressions, the wonder...


A few of my faves...

Adam, in amazement, telling me that he can see my "eye" in the lens of my camera.  It was really the shutter, but then he watched it until it "blinked".  And he got his brothers to do the same!  That's quite a simple way to stop three excited brothers in their tracks.  Pure focus, attention, and wonder.  And their bright blue eyes just make you melt!

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Jack and his grandmother.

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Adam & Evan.

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And this little mouth here?  How adorable!



And here is one of my absolute favorites from the day.  I was lying on the floor, clicking away, and when I came home and started processing the photos I just about died laughing when I saw Jack's expression in this one.  Everyone knows the feeling that he's showing here when looking at his little brother.  Too funny!



And here, boys will be boys:

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