Laughter & Leaf Fights

  While I loved the summer for all it's warm ocean breezes and hazy light, the fall is also quite the dream season for a photographer!  There's just something about that crisp air, the warm and cozy sweaters, and those bright harvest colors that beg to be photographed.  A few weeks ago I was able to bundle all of fall's goodness into a deliciously fun session with this family.  Can you believe how beautiful these two kids are?


Katie was a student of mine my first year in the classroom, and I was lucky to get to photograph her now as she's turning into quite the young lady with her little brother Gordon.  (Look at his little toothless smile, above!)  We had such a great time during our session and they were both so eager to be my assistants and scout out the next amazing location for each of our shots.


I love Katie's fiery red hair in these shots.  It really pops in these fall photos!  She was great for the whole session, just going around her backyard exploring and coming up with creative places for our photos.  She's quite the scientist and I really enjoyed watching her in action!



Gordon is a little firecracker. He was full of energy and had so many things to say.  He took his "assistant" job very seriously and even found himself climbing a couple of trees to show me his ideas for photo locations.  Such a great kid!



My favorite was when he ran up to their porch and called out, "How about we do one like this?" and just popped this cute little pose out of nowhere!








(Above: Gordon's melting face!)



The best way to work with kids through a photo session?  Promise them a leaf fight at the end!  :o)  Actually, looking back on the photos, I'm pretty sure their mom was the first one to throw the leaves and the rest was history!  So much fun -- love the whirling colors and the look of pure exhilaration and wonder on their faces in these ones...


Before...............................................................................................................   And after!!!




Happy fall!!!  Next year I'm making sure to book lots of fall sessions in advance while we still have all of these gorgeous leaves to work with.  I can't wait!