And Baby Makes {3}


A few weeks ago I met up with Kate & Matt at Veteran's Park in Westborough for their maternity shoot. It was the perfect fall day, and it was becoming quite a baby-anticipation-filled day for this happy couple... right after our session they went to their first baby class!  I'd like to think that our belly-kissing session was a nice jump start to their class.  :o)

{Matt meant this as a joke, but little did he know I'd capture it and it would become one of my favorite images from the session!}

Kate & Matt's little girl is going to be a winter baby.  She's due to arrive with the snow in late January/early February, and everyone is eagerly anticipating her arrival!  Kate and I teach together, and her husband is also a teacher.  In fact, they are commonly known as two of the math gurus around town  ;o)  We kept joking about how the newborn session would be staged with their little girl propped up on math books, and when collecting props for the maternity shoot, Matt leaped into the room with a calculator and suggested, "Should we bring this?"

Off to the park we went with a bundle of balloons.  I have a theory about balloons after doing a couple of shoots with them now.  So a baker's dozen is 13, right?  And that would make a klutz's dozen 11.  Well, a dozen balloons is never a dozen balloons! We had barely gotten them out of the car and started walking when we looked up at the sky and saw one floating away.  At which point we stopped to count and found that we only had 8 balloons left.  NO IDEA where the rest disappeared to, or when they disappeared, but they did!  And then our mathematicians started constructing story problems based on the disappearing balloons!

{Whimsical: my new favorite word to describe my photography.}

Aren't these little shoes adorable?  They were the first gift that Kate & Matt receive for their little girl, and they came with the most adorable hand-knitted dress, too!

I really like this last image.  Their whole family is there, including little Rudy the dog!  And the way Matt is looking at this momma-to-be... love!

Such a wonderful session.  Thank you, Kate & Matt, for many laughs and many wonderful moments to capture.  I'm already eagerly anticipating the next time we get together with a camera to photograph your little girl.

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