13 days {Boston Newborn Portraits}

Alice Olivia is quickly going to become the most photographed baby girl in Jamaica Plain.  Not only was I lucky enough to photograph Alice's mom's maternity session over the summer and her arrival into this world at a mere 22 hours old, but I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with her and her parents to get some fabulous newborn shots. The hats in all the photos below (except the elephant hat) were hand-crocheted by my coworker's fabulous mother.  I think every photographer should have a little Ecuadorian abuelita to make baby hats for them.  A thousand thanks to Maria for her many hours of hard work.  The hats came out wonderfully and I am so, so happy with how they look in the photos.  They're absolutely precious!!

Alice makes an adorable little teddy bear.  

And a sleepy little elephant...  Her mom loves elephants, and this was a hat she bought while pregnant.

Alice was so wonderful during our session.  When awake, she had the most expressive face.  I love her wide alert eyes taking in everything around her.

Since Alice's mom is finishing her doctoral dissertation in Spanish literature, we thought it was appropriate to raid the bookshelves for some of the best and most classic volumes from her mom's office.  Only this little 13-day old girl would be propped up with Don Quijote and Silvina Ocampo.  Plus, the little hands under the chin pose?  That was all Alice.  We had nothing to do with it!  What a little model!

And one last picture to leave you with...  I just discovered this gem of a photo and it literally made me burst out laughing.  Look at this adorable little face!  I love being able to capture all the funny little expressions on my subjects' faces.  So sweet!