Wild and Precious

"Tell me, what is it you plan do to with your one wild and precious life?"   ~Mary Oliver

This quote has crossed my path time and time again, and ever since the day that those words first stamped themselves on my memory, I haven't quite been able to separate them from my thoughts and my definition of self.  For me, life is about sunshine, happiness, celebrations, smiles, relationships, and laughter.  Each of these may be fleeting, lasting only an instant, but they are moments that merit the use of the ::pause:: button.  That's what I aim to do with this blog. Pause for a second and enjoy those sunny moments in life.  Our lives are kaleidoscopes of ever-changing emotions and scenery, but every day I want to look for ways to capture those fleeting moments in time and enjoy them a little bit longer.

So what is it I plan to do with this one wild and precious life?  Click, click!  Looking at the world through the lens of a camera always lends a sunnier perspective.  This blog will allow me to share that with others!